Cost of construction is one of the major disadvantages of the construction projects. Many people in the various parts of the country are not able to afford their own house due to high cost of construction. Pet bottle can be used for small construction projects. As on the other hand PET bottles are non-biodegradable products and are hard to dispose. Eco-friendly construction materials are being incorporated in various construction projects but still not being used widely due to lack of knowledge.  Using pet bottle as a construction material as a replacement of bricks decreases the cost of construction and also gives a solution for the disposal of the bottle. After carrying out some investigation PET bottle construction can also be utilized for thermal and sound insulation. The above given photograph shows the possibility of using the PET bottle in construction works.

Materials to be used for PET bottle construction:

  • -Cement
  • -Sand
  • -Soil
  • -Nylon rope
  • -Plastic (PET) Bottles
  • -Water


  • -Collect some desired number of bottles at the construction site.
  • -Arrange various materials to be used for construction as listed above.
  • -Make the soil dry and lumps free.
  • -Fill the plastic bottles with soil.
  • -Once the bottles are fully filled with soil and tamped they are sealed with caps.
  • -Now make a mixture of cement sand and water and apply it on the ground to make the base.
  • -Place the bottles in a horizontal position to form a row of horizontal bottles.
  • -Now apply the cement sand paste on the top of the first layer of bottles and arrange another set of bottles on it.
  • -Tie the two rows of bottles with the nylon rope in a zigzag manner.
  • -Continue the construction similarly.

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November 28, 2015



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