Myths of Interior Designing

“Interior designers and Architects are costly”

It’s generally assumed that hiring an architect or interior designer for any particular project will increase the cost of the project. Whereas generally the fee of any architect or interior designer is quite genuine, although it may vary depending upon the size and requirement of the project. Presence of an architect or interior designer makes a huge difference in the interior enhancement and the fee is worth making the difference.

“I can do it myself”

Do you think you should fight a case in court if you are not a lawyer?

Do you think you should handle accounts of any firm without being an accountant?

Then why do you think you can start any interior designing project by your own?

This is one of the most common misconceptions among many people. Interior designing a space is a typical process and requires a team of professionals. We have seen many people designing there interiors by their own and living with the mistakes for a long time. You can surely try doing some of the components of interior designing but we suggest one should not start any interior designing project without the guidance of any professional.

“A small space doesn’t need interior designing”

People think that small rooms or offices are not fit for interior designing as the space is too less. However, interior designing is a must for such places. Small spaces can be quite uncomfortable if not properly designed. To make an effective utilization of each and every corner interior designing is must. Interior designing a small space incorporates a heavenly feeling to the inmates.

“Interior designers are rigid”

Generally people thing that interior designers have their own set of beliefs and they will not listen to our ideas and opinions. But that’s not true. Interior designers are your partners, not your bosses. None of the project can be completed without consulting the owner. Every person has its own taste and requirements. So in every case, interior designer has to incorporate the taste and requirements of the owner at every particular stage of the project. After all its “You” who has to utilize the space. It’s a process which goes hand in hand with designers and owner.



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September 23, 2017




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    This is truly mythbusting.good going.

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