5 Interior Designing Mistakes to Avoid in 2018

When Interior designing your dream home, avoiding mistakes is the way to go. It doesn’t matter the style, budget, location or size of the decor, our expert designers believe there are common mistakes everyone makes before seeking professional help.

Combining Multiple Styles

Don’t be a jack that combines too many styles into one place. Most people believe they are doing good by bringing together multiple themes into their interior design. This blunder ends up looking boring without a personality. It can be avoided if you are strict on the theme.

Too Much Furniture for Space

No matter how big your living room or bedroom is, there’s always an amount of furniture that is considered too much. An overcrowded room lacks space hindering the free flow of leg traffic. Remove a piece or two if you feel the room is cramped.

Bad or Inadequate Lighting

This always comes last or not even at all in the minds of homeowners. People often forget that both artificial and natural lighting helps to create a pleasant living environment in the home.

Leaving the Walls Blank

It makes your home feeling empty and bare looking. The walls are also intended to add some feel to your home. Expert decorators know the importance of filling the walls with items.

Furniture Backing the Wall

It comes naturally to push your furniture against the wall. We’ve all seen our parents doing it and we feel it’s normal. It’s a blunder you must not repeat in your home.


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May 8, 2018



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